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  • Understand how many calories you need to eat to maximize performance and burn fat.
  • Correctly balance your macro nutrient intake for your training and physique goals.
  • Time your meals to get the most out of your nutrition.
  • Select optimal foods to fuel performance.
  • Understand which supplements actually work and why.
  • Improve your health with proper micro nutrient intake and hydration.
  • Periodize your diet for long term effectiveness.
  • Dispel common diet myths and fads
  • Improve your training with the included ‘Trinity Power lifting Templates’
Dr. Israetel
Dr. Case
Dr. Hoffman

Dr. Mike Israetel, PhD in Sport Physiology and professor of Exercise Science at the University of Central Missouri, handles the nutrition of top athletes in strength and physique sports and created The Renaissance Diet to help you perform better and get the body that you want. Along with Dr. Mike’s expertise, Dr. Jennifer Case and Dr. James Hoffmann lend their expertise to create a comprehensive guide on how much to eat, what to eat and when to eat it, to maximize your performance and have a physique to match your strength. With so much information and misinformation available now about nutrition, you need sources you can trust. The authors of The Renaissance Diet combine scientific expertise with practical knowledge.

Dr.Israetel, Dr. Case and Dr. Hoffman not only have PhDs and are actively serving as professors and researchers, they are also high level competitors and coaches in powerlifting, bodybuilding, rugby, and combat sports. This combination of scientific knowledge and practical experience is the best in helping you achieve your goals.

The Renaissance Diet: A Scientific Approach to Getting Leaner and Building Muscle is your ultimate guide to learning how to more effectively and efficiently fuel your body for improved performance and a better physique. Let these experts take the guesswork out of your nutrition and starting reaching your goals now.

Get your free chapter
of our best selling ebook.
"The Renaissance Diet"
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